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Scent Goods and Gear Aromatherapy Jewelry

We all love our scents, they make us happy and inhaling essential oils can even offer health benefits.  Scent Goods & Gear presents the new Scent Soother Diffusers.  We enjoy fragrance in our home and in our cars, now you can have that scent uplift anytime and anywhere.  Choose from our fun scented choices or unscented diffusers that will hold any essential oil.  Our fragrance scented jewelry will emit lovely fragrance for up to SIX months!!!! The scent on the aromatherapy line varies based on the thickness of your essential oil.  

Sniff and Be Happy!!!

Aromatherapy Jewelry

Patented aromatherapy wrap bracelets and lockets will diffuse any essential oil or our Scent Goods and Gear™ fragrance oil.  You enjoy lovely fragrance in your home and in your car to boost your mood.  Now enjoy a Personal Soother Scent  Diffuser™ anytime and anywhere!  Go to our SHOP page to see all the colors and styles!

 Scent Goods and Gear™ Patented Difference

Our patented scent dot will absorb the color and aroma of any essential oil and Scent Goods and Gear™ fragrance oils.   Place a drop of oil onto the dot, no carrier is necessary  and enjoy pure aroma anytime and anywhere.  Our patented difference is the length of time the item will scent and also the pureness of the aroma.  This allows you to capture the true benefits of aromatherapy while using less oil. 

*for best results, do not use a dark colored oil on a light dot.